Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Revitalizing mouths to achieve optimal health, function, and aesthetics.

Expert and Informed Full-Mouth Restoration

Dr. Jahangiri has extensive experience in restoring mouths to complete health.

When dealing with broken or missing teeth affecting chewing or confidence in smiling, Dr. Jahangiri, Clinical Director at SCFD & Portside Dentistry, specializes in restoring full function and beauty to smiles. His expertise, aided by state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail, has transformed numerous patients' lives through full-mouth rehabilitation. With his skill, knowledge, and advanced 3D diagnostic tools, Dr. Jahangiri effectively treats a wide range of cases, including complex ones.

Expertise in Comprehensive Treatment

A full-mouth rehabilitation might encompass diverse treatments like orthodontics, crowns, implants, and more—all available under Dr. Jahangiri's care in a single office.

Detailed Diagnosis and Strategic Planning

Initially, Dr. Jahangiri conducts thorough diagnostics and preparation. This involves digital x-rays, photos, and, if needed, a 3D CT scan. Study models of your teeth are also utilized for detailed treatment planning. Beyond achieving an aesthetically pleasing smile, Dr. Jahangiri focuses on ensuring your new smile results in a perfectly aligned, optimal bite.

Comfortable and Gentle Care

Our doctors and staff will make sure you are comfortable during treatment.

We prioritize your comfort throughout the treatment process. Dr. Jahangiri ensures clarity by explaining procedures in detail. We offer blankets and headphones for added comfort, and for those experiencing anxiety, oral or IV sedation is available. Reach us at: Whittier (562) 693-0788 Lake Forest (949) 830-3743 or San Clemente (949) 234-0500 for a complimentary consultation appointment.

New Patients Welcome!

Multiple Locations: Whittier, Lake Forest, and San Clemente