New Teeth in One Day

Looking for a solution to uncomfortable dentures? Are your teeth too damaged to chew properly?

Dr. Jahangiri, Clinical Director at SCFD & Portside Dentistry, offers a groundbreaking solution for loose dentures or damaged teeth: the innovative New Teeth in One Day procedure. This transformative technique allows you to regain confidence in eating, smiling, and enhancing your overall quality of life. With this cutting-edge procedure, Dr. Jahangiri replaces your teeth permanently, ensuring stability and a natural appearance without slipping or causing irritation to your gums. Through the placement of at least four specially designed implants, strategically positioned at angles in the densest areas of your upper or lower jaw bone, bone grafting becomes unnecessary, even for patients with severe bone loss due to denture use. Dr. Jahangiri has successfully provided this treatment to numerous patients, offering a stable, fixed-in solution for full-arch tooth replacement. New Teeth in One Day is not just effective but also the most cost-effective option available.

How New Teeth in One Day Works

Step 1: Implant Placement

The implants are angled and placed in a way that provides maximum stability for the new teeth.

Step 2: Retaining Screws & Replacement Teeth

The new teeth are securely screwed onto the implants, preventing any issues with shifting or slippage.

Step 3: Fixed In Place

The replacement teeth are fixed in place and will look, act and feel just like natural teeth.

3D Technology for Precise Treatment

Our 3D CT scanner provides detailed images of the entire mouth in 360-degree view.

To identify the areas of densest bone and determine the optimal implant placement, Dr. Jahangiri employs a dental CT scanner to capture comprehensive 3D x-rays. Leveraging specialized treatment planning software, he ensures meticulous and accurate implant positioning. As part of the process, Dr. Jahangiri designs a surgical guide, which he places over the gums during the implant surgery. This guide serves as a critical tool in guaranteeing the precise and efficient placement of the implants. Additionally, Dr. Jahangiri offers same-day tooth extractions when necessary as part of the treatment procedure.

Beautiful, Durable New Teeth

Following the implant placement, Dr. Jahangiri promptly equips you with aesthetically pleasing, fixed temporary teeth to wear while the implants integrate with your jawbone. Once the healing process is complete, Dr. Jahangiri installs your permanent teeth. Crafted from zirconia, an exceptionally durable and natural-looking dental ceramic, these final teeth represent a cutting-edge innovation in dental materials. They offer almost the same chewing capability as natural teeth. Dr. Jahangiri maintains a close collaboration with his dental lab, ensuring your satisfaction by meticulously aligning your bite and enhancing your features with your new teeth. If needed, he arranges for direct consultations with the lab technicians, going above and beyond to guarantee your contentment and the optimal fit of your new teeth.

Free Consultation

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