Real Patient Reviews

"The facility operates with cleanliness and efficiency, and the staff display genuine care and trustworthiness."

"Dr. Jahangiri is not just our family's orthodontist but also a trusted friend. From the outset, we had complete confidence in him, as well as the entire team of doctors and staff. We entrusted them with providing orthodontic care for our three daughters. Every time my daughters attend their appointments, the staff greet them by name and take the time to catch up with them during each visit. The practice maintains high standards of cleanliness and efficiency, while the entire staff consistently exhibits caring and trustworthy behavior."

"One of my children is completing the final phase of braces, boasting a beautiful smile, while the other two are undergoing minor adjustments. Dr. Fields has been exceptional in ensuring that the final outcome will be nothing short of perfection!"

– Anne, Real Patient

"Scheduling appointments with them is hassle-free, and they efficiently address all our needs to ensure our smiles stay radiant!"

"Dr. J is absolutely fantastic, and both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy our visits with the entire team. We have complete trust in their ability to provide excellent dental care while ensuring our comfort throughout the process."

"The warmth and friendliness displayed by everyone here make us feel like an integral part of their family. Scheduling appointments is effortless, and they consistently address all our needs, ensuring our smiles remain in top-notch condition!"

– Caleb, Real Patient

"Dr. J not only elucidates your available options and provides recommendations but also conducts himself with honesty and integrity throughout the treatment process."

"I discovered Dr. J while seeking a dentist to care for my elderly father, and I was thoroughly impressed by his exceptional care and the quality of service provided."

"I have complete trust in Dr. J and his team to assess my dental care needs and, in turn, my overall health. He meticulously explains available options, offers recommendations, and consistently upholds a standard of honesty and integrity in his approach to treatment."

"Dr. J attentively addressed both my father's and my dental needs, significantly improving my father's health. I've frequently recommended his services and will continue to do so due to the remarkable care provided."

– Jacqueline , Real Patient

"Dr. J attentively addressed both my father's and my dental needs, significantly improving my father's health. I've frequently recommended his services and will continue to do so due to the remarkable care provided."

"After undergoing braces for two and a half years, I achieved straight teeth but experienced significant gum recession, resulting in gaps of exposed gum and spaces between my teeth. I felt utterly devastated by the outcome."

Dr. J and his staff skillfully applied veneers to cover my teeth, crafting beautifully shaped ones that perfectly complemented my facial features.

Their approach was consistently gentle and marked by the utmost professionalism in every interaction.

Weekly compliments on my teeth are a norm for me, and I take every opportunity to attribute it to the expertise of my fantastic dentist!

– Kelly, Real Patient

"I now sport a beautiful new tooth, and it seamlessly blends in—hardly discernible from the rest."

My left front tooth had significant looseness. Despite Dr. J's efforts to salvage it, extensive bone loss made it unfeasible. He took great care in explaining the procedure thoroughly, ensuring I comprehended every aspect of how it would proceed.

"I now have a gorgeous new tooth, and the difference is barely noticeable."

– Lynette , Real Patient

"Everyone exudes friendliness, professionalism, helpfulness, and remarkable skill in their respective roles."

For over a decade, I've been a loyal patient here. I had been struggling with terrible migraines, consulting numerous doctors and specialists, yet no one could identify the issue. Dr. J took extra steps to find a solution without resorting to invasive procedures or surgery. His genuine concern for my pain and dedication to understanding my situation made him a significant ally in resolving the issue.

I adore this place to such an extent that even during my three-year stay in Texas, I remained a patient of Dr. J, scheduling appointments when visiting town to see family. The friendly, professional, and highly skilled team made it worth the effort to maintain continuity in my dental care.

Dr. J's expertise in dentistry is exceptional, and his commitment to continual learning for self-improvement and the advancement of his practice is commendable. He demonstrates innovative thinking when necessary and approaches each patient as a unique individual. In my opinion, he stands out as one of the finest in his field.

– Paige, Real Patient

The swift responsiveness of Dr. J and his team played a pivotal role in preserving my smile. I'll always be deeply grateful for their prompt action.

Dr. J has been my trusted dentist for over a decade. Throughout this time, I've cherished his and his staff's friendly demeanor and their attentiveness to my needs. Crucially, I've never felt pressured into unnecessary treatments or products, fostering a sense of trust in their recommendations.

Upon my initial visit to Dr. J, my teeth were in decent shape, but I harbored a fear of dental appointments after years of avoidance. Dr. J's combination of expertise and compassion, along with the friendly staff, immediately put me at ease. The practice's cheerful atmosphere further contributed to making each visit a positive experience.

That sounds like a distressing situation! It's impressive how quickly Sonia and Dr. J responded to your emergency. Their prompt action and collaboration with the ER doctor, along with Dr. J's swift review of your x-rays, demonstrated their dedication to saving your teeth. Being taken directly from the ER to Dr. J's office shows a high level of care and commitment to your dental health in a critical moment. How did everything turn out after your visit to Dr. J's office?

It's heartwarming to hear that Dr. J and his team were able to preserve your smile, allowing you to keep all of your own teeth. Their responsiveness and dedication truly made a lasting impact. Having healthy teeth and the confidence to smile again are invaluable gifts. It's fantastic that Dr. J's treatment has brought you such happiness, and it speaks volumes that you've chosen to remain his patient indefinitely. Your gratitude towards his care is truly touching!

– Tara, Real Patient


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