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IV Conscious Sedation

What Is IV Conscious Sedation?

IV conscious sedation involves administering sedatives via an intravenous device while being monitored and controlled by the doctor during the procedure. The sedative induces a sleep-like state in the patient while they remain conscious and capable of following the doctor's instructions. Due to the drowsiness caused by the sedation, it's essential for a friend or family member to accompany the patient home after the appointment. The effects of the sedation gradually diminish throughout the day, and patients typically resume their regular activities within 24 hours.

IV conscious sedation indeed has transformative effects. If you have a low pain tolerance or feel anxious about dental visits, sedation dentistry can make a remarkable difference. It alleviates pain, anxiety, and discomfort, addressing concerns related to physical strain or procedure-related pain. With sedation technology, you can finally find relaxation during dental procedures. While under sedation, you can comfortably sit back and let your dentist perform all necessary procedures painlessly and stress-free.

Sedation dentistry can significantly change your dental experience, eradicating fear from future visits. The carefully administered sedation ensures you remain unaware of the treatment, and upon waking, you'll feel refreshed with little or no memory of the procedure.

The comfort provided by sedation allows for extensive dental work to be completed in just one or two sessions, saving time. From fixing chipped teeth, replacing crowns or dentures, to addressing sore gums or whitening, all procedures can be performed painlessly. You'll gain confidence in your smile, chewing, and displaying your beautiful teeth comfortably.

Dental Phobia

Dental phobia manifests as an extreme fear of dental treatments, potentially leading to tooth loss due to neglect and lack of treatment. It's important not to let this fear hinder the maintenance of one's beautiful teeth. As teeth lose their structure and health, confidence can diminish, leading to withdrawal from social interactions. Fortunately, there are numerous ways for patients to maintain healthy teeth without enduring discomfort, pain, or anxiety.

What to Expect Before and After A Sedation Appointment: 

Upon arrival at the office, a sedative will be administered to the patient before the planned procedure. For those with heightened anxiety, oral conscious sedatives are an option and can be taken at home a day prior to the appointment. It's crucial that patients under homecare sedation refrain from driving or operating any vehicle to and from the dentist's office. Following treatment, a 24-hour waiting period is necessary. It's essential to have a trusted companion drive the patient to and from the appointment.

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